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Use this mode to recover data and minor corruptions.

Quick Scan Method

As the name suggests "Quick Scan" recovery mode is the fastest mode of Recoveryfix for Windows. This recovery mode is helpful to recover recently deleted files, files affected due to bad sectors, FAT corruptions, Index corruptions, MFT corruptions, system files get corrupt and if the partition gets deleted.

The Quick Scan recovery method is fast in scanning and searching your corrupt hard drive for data. The recovery method displays the recovered results in a tree like structure from where you can view preview of the file and folder(s).

Quick Scan Features:

  • Fastest Scan mode of Recoveryfix for Windows
  • Recovers recently deleted file(s) and folder(s)
  • Recovers file(s) from bad sectors, boot sector corruptions, FAT corruptions, Index corruptions, MFT corruptions, system file corruptions
  • Recovers deleted file and folder(s)
Data Recovery Program
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