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Extensive Scan mode is capable of recovering data from any kind of data loss situation.

Extensive Scan Method:

The Extensive Scan is much advanced but slower recovery mode than the Quick Scan mode. This mode effectively recovers files which were not recovered by the Quick scan method.

The deleted, lost, corrupt folders are efficiently recovered from deleted, formatted, recreated partitions or the files were deleted long time back.

Extensive Scan Features :

  • Recovers file(s) and folder(s) from:
    1. Formatted Partitions
    2. Deleted Partitions
    3. Recreated Partitions
  • Extensively scans the corrupt drive for data
  • Is much advanced and recovers file(s) which were not recovered by the "Quick Scan" recovery mode
  • Recovers file(s) and folder(s) which were deleted long time back



File size 3.69 MB
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